Q: What is Kosama? 

A. The day you step into Kosama you will know that it is not like any other gyms. The fun and motivational staff is ready to welcome you to our family; and that is what we are, a family! Our certified staff is well trained and ready to help you reach your goals and much more by pushing you to do things you never thought were possible. Kosama uses proven science-based programs and equipment to ensure you get the best results, we guarantee it! Myzone hear rate monitor has a 99.4% accuracy which is equivalent to an EKG, MMA boxing gloves and a speed rope will all be a part of your transformation gear! Nutrition is one of the most import aspects of a lifestyle change and we have a flexible nutrition program that is based on your macros so this allows you to continue to eat pizza, ice Cream and your favorite foods. NO DIETING!!!! New workouts daily, never the same workout twice!! We use a variety of class styles and equipment to keep everything new and your body changing! This constant change will activate what is called muscle confusion. Muscle confusion keeps your body improving to a strong, toned, and lean physique by never allowing it to plateau.

Q: What do you mean by 'group fitness redefined'? 

A. There are many group fitness programs, but none like Kosama. The Kosama workout incorporates traditional functional fitness principles but by providing 30 different workouts each month, maximizes the benefit and reduces the repetitiveness of other group fitness programs.

Q: How does your program differ from CrossFit? 

A. While both CrossFit and Kosama are functional, group fitness programs, the Kosama workout was created by a health care practitioner and certified fitness instructor with the intent of maximizing your fitness results while reducing the likelihood of injury.