Q: What is K BLAST? 

A. K-BLAST: The perfect blend between strength, plyometric cardio, and core work. Enjoy a workout combining suspension trainers and your own body weight for an all-out challenge and calorie-burning blast. Participants will train in Heart Rate intervals of zone 3 and 4 throughout the entire workout.

Q: What is K4 Cardio? 

A. K-4CARDIO: Designed to take the best of intervals and the intensity that our K4 workout has to offer?all with a cardio focus. No equipment needed with this high-intensity workout, just you and your best effort. Participants will train the body with intense bouts in Heart Rate zone 4 or 5 alternating with zone 2.

Q: What is CORE-X? 

A. CORE-X: Designed to provide you with the right blend of Yoga, Pilates, core work and flexibility to improve mental focus, flexibility, balance, and confidence: giving you the extra boost you need to bring your Kosama workouts to the next level. Will also burn calories, tone your core, and provide you with the active recovery needed to continue your weekly workouts. Participants work in a variety of Heart Rate zones 1-3, depending on the exercise and their efficiency with it.

Q: What is K-Core? 

A. K-CORE: Trains all muscle groups that make up the core, effectively building strength, coordination, balance and body-control. Participants can expect to work in a variety of aerobic Heart Rate zones 1-3. This is an express workout, including body weight exercises and including 30-35 minutes of intense core work. Tools used may include: Kettlebells and Bodybars.

Q: What is K ROCK? 

A. K-ROCK: An acronym for Reps of Complex Kettlebells, it should really stand for getting RIPPED! It's all about high intensity, proper technique, and challenging yourself with more sets or more weight each week. Kettlebell complexes are sets of kettlebell exercises where either one rep, or a set number of reps and exercises are completed in sequence - using the same weight. Get ready for determination and sweat!

Q: What is Circuit? 

A. K-CIRCUIT: Designed to incorporate all equipment and exercise, challenge all muscle groups, work both strength and cardio, while motivating participants to work to their greatest potential. Enjoy the variety, intensity and nonstop pace of a Kosama Circuit workout.

Q: What is Kickboxing? 

A. KICKBOXING: The best of cardio kickboxing. Bring your mental and physical toughness to this workout! Trains the body in a variety of Heart Rate zones 1-4, depending on the emphasis of upper or lower body, and selected exercises. Improves cardiovascular strength while increasing muscle tone, core strength, and flexibility. Tools used may include: Weighted Bars, Heavy Bags, and Body Weight.

Q: What is K4? 

A. K-4: Trains the body with intense bouts of Heart Rate Zone 4 or 5, alternating with Zone 2. This high-intensity interval workout is ?all-out and all-in?. Power movements and some cardiovascular exercises are included. Tools used may include: Kettlebells, Suspension Trainer, Weighted bars, Body Weight, and Heavy Bags.

Q: What is K-Strong? 

A. K-STRONG: Pure strength training to work the body in Heart Rate Zones 2, 3, and 4. Effectively keeps the body in a fat-burning heart rate while building lean muscle. Exercises are specific to strength training and typically do not include power or cardiovascular movements. Tools used include: Weighted bars, Suspension Trainer, Resistance Bands, Kettlebells, and Body Weight Exercises.

Q: What is K-Power? 

A. K-POWER: Trains the body in Heart Rate Zones 3 and 4?effectively challenging the top edge of aerobic metabolism to increase lean muscle and burn body fat. This is your chance to improve speed and strength. Tools used include: Kettlebells, Heavy Bags, and Body Weight exercises.

Q: What is TEAM KOSAMA? 

A. TEAM KOSAMA: A whole new style of Circuit training. By incorporating more cardio and a team-like environment (you don?t rotate stations until the entire cardio group is done!), you are guaranteed fun, camaraderie, motivation, and results! Expect a variety of strength, cardio, core, and a variety of heart rate zones to balance out your workout.

Q: What Equipment is used during a Kosama Group Fitness Class? 

A. MY ZONE HEART ZONE MONITOR: We use MyZone Heart Rate Technology to exercise within prescribed heart-rate zones that helps you burn more calories during class, and for hours afterwards. Also referred to as interval training, our Kosama workouts are all written to train in your prime heart rate zone. You will improve your stamina, lose body fat and achieve a slimmer, more toned physique. We work smarter not harder. KETTLEBELLS: Originally used as a mean of optimal training by the military, Kettlebell training is a highly effective means of building applied strength and endurance. HEAVY BAGS: A large, floor anchored padded bag used for our cardio kickboxing classes. These classes are a combination of different martial art techniques, utilizing punching, kicking, and avoidance moves to improve cardiovascular condition, endurance and muscular strength, and overall agility BODY WEIGHT/PLYOMETRICS: A series of fitness training exercises used to produce fast, and powerful movements using only your body. Plyometric exercises include jumps, hops, drop jumps, and lateral movements. SUSPENSION: Provides a low impact, high intensity workout that allows the user to change the intensity and difficulty of the exercise to meet their specific needs at any time during their workout. WEIGHTED BARS: Used in a variety of our workouts, including strength, conditioning, kick-boxing, and flexibility-based workout, these exercises promote balance and alignment in addition to enhancing strength, providing versatility and fun. SPEED ROPES: Properly used, speed ropes improve cardiovascular fitness, tones muscles, burns calories, and is considered ?good for the heart? by leading cardiovascular experts. It also strengthens your upper and lower body and has a lower impact than jogging. FOAM ROLLERS: [and other similar fitness tools.] Ideal for recovery between workouts, as relief for tired, aching muscles, and good for increased blood flow and circulation. Will also aid in improving range of motion. Widely accepted as a way to decrease your chance of injury and enhance recovery after an injury.

Q: What do you mean by 'group fitness redefined'? 

A. There are many group fitness programs, but none like Kosama. The Kosama workout incorporates traditional functional fitness principles but by providing 30 different workouts each month, maximizes the benefit and reduces the repetitiveness of other group fitness programs.

Q: How does your program differ from CrossFit? 

A. While both CrossFit and Kosama are functional, group fitness programs, the Kosama workout was created by a health care practitioner and certified fitness instructor with the intent of maximizing your fitness results while reducing the likelihood of injury.