What is Kosama?

Kosama is a lifestyle; a feeling of accomplishment after each workout; a program that proves you are strong and able. We provide a unique group fitness approach that addresses the three major components of fitness: endurance, strength and agility. With the program being completely modifiable, any level of fitness level is welcome.

Our group personal training program uses safe, proven scientific training principles to help you get the most from every workout and see results fast! An energizing club environment helps you reach your goals and potential by pushing you more than you could on your own. 

Not only do our workouts vary daily, we utilize leading-edge fitness technology with the use of MyZone Heart Rate Training monitors to maximize your effort while in class.

Not getting the results you want from gyms or traditional boot-camp and personal training classes? Ready for a program that not only gets you results, but is also exciting and fun? Contact our staff today to learn more about joining Kosama - the most complete body transformation and exercise program available.

Your membership includes:

  • Speed Rope

    Have you ever tried to jump rope using a rope that is too short or too long? Frustrating, right? Here at Kosama, members have the option to purchase a speed rope that is customized to their height.
  • Unlimited Classes

    Our low monthly price includes unlimited access to classes. We'd love to see you at least three times a week, or you can come every day!

  • Heartrate Monitor

    Every member has the opportunity to purchase a MyZone heart rate training monitor. Worn during class, members will train at an exertion level that's challenging, yet safe and appropriate. Oh, and did we mention that you'll be able to see how many calories you're burning as you move through each class? Pretty neat, huh?

  • Assessments

    Our staff works with you to establish a path towards complete body transformation, including both the workouts and nutrition-based advic. Assessments / re-assessments offer the ongoing support you need to hit your goals.

  • Kickboxing Gloves

    Your New Membership enrollment includes kickboxing gloves, so you're prepared for our KBOX and K-Overload classes.