We see the results that our members experience on a daily basis. But when we hear it directly from their mouths, or see it in our 'before and after' photos--it means even more. 





Because it works!  Mind, body, nutrtion, motivation, friendships, trainers.... Love it ALL! - Member  

I HATE running!  And Kosama is like having my own personal trainer!  Member Challenges me to get better each day and I feel motivated to keep up my fitness.  Cheers to all the coaches, you all oare awesome!! Member Flexible Scheduling!  Challenging Workouts! Affordable Membership! - Member

I've never done group fitness before...or any fitness if I'm being honest. When I started Kosama OP I couldn't do a single push up, got winded going up the stairs and weighed in at 195lbs while being 5'5, 36 years old wearing a size 16 pants.  My fat percentage got to a staggering 43%.  I didn’t start working out to lose weight just to get healthier and be able to make it up the stairs. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would fall in love with working out!!  The classes are fun and versatile; the trainers are extremely supportive, knowledgeable and motivating while the other members are like one big happy family rooting for each other every workout. Now I feel the best I've ever felt in my life...more energy, endurance, strength and a clearer frame of mind. I've also lost a total of 35 lbs., 28 of which were pure fat and wearing a size 8 for the first time in over 10 years! Thank you to my Kosama family for everything; I'm a Kosami 4 life!!!!  


Dr Amit Patel Testimony:

I was a skeptical about the results.  I questioned how this would be different from the numerous other diet and work out programs that I have tried in the past with only short-term results.  But the best thing I ever did was try.  I gave Kosama an opportunity to do what they do best and I committed myself to adhering to the instructions.
It was December 16th, 2017 and I had recently attended a wedding of a former medical student.  I enjoyed the festivities but when I got back home and I started to look through the pictures I had taken on my phone I was not happy. Probably a little embarrassed, sad and ashamed.  All natural feelings for anyone when you are not happy with your physical appearance.  My clothes did not fit.  I was feeling unhealthy, overweight and at that moment I decided to make a change.  That change came with the help of Kosama.
As a physician, knowing the importance of good health is obvious.  I see daily the long term complications of diabetes, high blood pressure and overweight/obesity combined with a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet.  Ideally, the idea is not to treat these problems but rather prevention.  Diet and exercise is crucial for that.  It is well known in medical circles that a decrease in weight of overweight patients by 10 kilograms can reduce the blood pressure by up to 20 points.  This could take patients who are taking blood pressure medications completely off with weight loss and it is life changing.
I committed myself to the workouts, and the nutrition plan that the Kosama team had planned  out for me.  They guided and encouraged me all the way.  In 3 short months I had lost 15 pounds and dropped fat mass and increased muscle mass.  I am so happy with the results.  It was initially very hard and difficult and at times made me want to quit.  Now it has turned into both a nutritional plan and Kosama workout plan that I am excited about and have adopted into my day to day life.  This is the one program that I have seen results with.  It does not come overnight.  It requires hard work and dedication but the Kosama team is there to help every step of the way.  I am a real life success story and proud.  I feel healthier, lighter, fresher everyday and I ENJOY the hard workouts.  Breaking a hard sweat now feels great!
Balance in my life is now my family, my work as a physician in caring for patients, and Kosama overall body fitness.  My results keep me motivated and the program has really changed the way I care for my body.  I recommend the Kosama program for anyone and everyone.  Everyone of us is different and our bodies require different methods of training and nutrition.  The Kosama team individualizes that program for each member so everyone has the opportunity to succeed.  I am proud to be a KOSAMIE!
                                                                        Amit J. Patel, MD