What is Kosama?

Not getting the results you want from gyms or traditional bootcamp and personal training classes? Ready for a total body transformation? Contact our staff today to learn more about joining Kosama- the most complete body transformation and exercise program available.  

Kosama is a way of life, a mind set, a feeling and strong beautiful look from inside to out.  We provide a unique group workout program that addresses the three major components of fitness: endurance, mobility, and strength. Modifiable for everybody—no matter your age, weight or current level of fitness. 

We offer a different workout each day, yet the same workout all day long, so no more trying to get to your favorite class at a limited time!  We have several class times to choose from each day.


Our group personal training program uses safe, proven scientific training principles to help you get the most from every work out and see results fast! Led by our trained staff, in an energizing studio environment helping you reach your goals and potential by pushing you more than you can with workouts alone. 


Our Leading-Edge Fitness technology, including our MyZone personalized heart rate monitor that is incorporated into every member workout to monitor and maximize their efforts and results.      

.... Has your workout regime lost its edge?

We get it. You’ve been trying your best to eat clean and exercise several times a week and you still haven’t seen the results you want. But are you really trying your best? By tracking your activity, you can confirm whether you are putting in enough effort or if you can give a little more. No more guessing. MYZONE uses your heart rate to determine your effort level and helps you adjust your workout according to the results you want to achieve. See how the MZ-3 works: https://www.youtube.com/user/MyzoneMoves

Your membership includes:

  • Kosama offers different Tiers of Membership to fit all your fitness needs: *6 or 12 pack Pre- Paid Class Punchcards * 3 month Pre-Paid Trial Package  *Month to Month Memberships  *Month to Month Memberships  PLUS bonus Personal Training, Nutrition and Stretching classes. Stop by the studio today to get more details and get your membership started.  
  • Unlimited Classes

    Our low monthly price includes unlimited access to all classes. We'd love to see you at least three times a week, or you can come every day!

  • Heartrate Monitor

    Every member receives their very own monitor when enrolling in Membership. Worn during class, you'll train at an exertion level that's challenging yet safe and appropriate.  Teaching you to Train Smarter - Not Harder.

  • Weekly Check-in

    Certified staff works with you to establish a path towards complete body transformation. Weekly Check-ins offer the ongoing support you need.

  • Kickboxing Gloves

    Start your membership with the Equipment Package that best fits your needs
    Member Pack:  MyZone and Gloves  $109 (Save $15)
    Studio Pack: MyZone, Gloves, Speed Rope and Yoga Mat $139 (Save $20)
    All IN Pack: MyZone, Gloves, Speed Rope and Yoga Mat and Foam Roller/Ball $149 (Save $30)