Kosama Challenges

Kosama offers challenges throughout the year to keep you accountable to your fitness goals! Members and non-members are welcome to join each challenge. Stop by our front desk to learn more information and sign up.
Kosama “Road to Fitness Challenges”
  • The Kosama workout is a total body, applied fitness workout based on the nine components of fitness identified by exercise scientists [Tancred 1995]: a] strength, b] power, d] agility, d] balance, e] flexibility, f] local muscle endurance, g] cardiovascular endurance, h] strength endurance, and i] co-ordination.
  • Endurance is a combination of local muscle, cardiovascular and strength endurance.
    • Local muscle endurance is a single muscle’s ability to performed sustained work.
    • Cardiovascular endurance is the heart’s ability to deliver blood to working muscles and their ability to use it.
    • Strength endurance is the muscle’s ability to perform a maximum contraction time after time.
  • Our workouts are designed to overcome chronic fitness boredom, repetitive strain injuries, and exercise plateaus that come with doing the same workout over and over. On a daily, weekly, and monthly basis the workouts are designed to help you the reach your fitness goals.
  • Each workout covers some, if not all, of the nine primary fitness components. Carefully balancing which components are emphasized with the recuperation time necessary to maximize your results. And best of all we’ve created a yearly calendar of fitness challenges to keep you motivated, and improving.
  • For 2016 we’re introducing a new yearly calendar, including a series of focused challenges. We’re asking you to challenge yourself, set very high, and public goals or dreams to push your fitness levels to achieve the dreams you previously never thought achievable. These challenges will help you do this.
  • Our first Challenge of the year will be the ‘Road to Fitness’ Speed and Agility Challenge. This Challenge is designed to lay the fitness foundation you’ll need to achieve your fitness goals or dreams. Its focus will be endurance, speed and agility, but like all our workout design, all aspects of fitness will be included.
  • Join us towards the goal of creating the largest ‘fitness as a lifestyle’ community. Setting public goals or sharing our fitness dreams, always challenging ourselves, and aligned with and supporting others in our community.
According to LifeHack.org here are 10 Benefits of Improved Endurance.
  1. Healthier Body: Endurance exercise creates a stronger, healthier body. Muscles, cardiovascular system, bones, joints, and lungs all learn to adapt to the new task of sustaining a strong pace for hours. Endurance athletes also enjoy faster metabolisms due to more lean muscle mass, so we can indulge our sweet tooth more without the guilt.
  2. Clearer Thinking: While overdoing it or overtraining can cause mental and physical fatigue, exercise done properly has been shown by researchers to actually help with cognitive function. It was also found to be a preventative to Alzheimer’s in older people. Exercise improves circulation throughout the body, and the brain benefits from this.
  3. Better Self Image: Exercising or training has a very nice side effect in that we feel better about ourselves. This improves confidence and interactions with others.
  4. Better Mental Fortitude/Confidence: There is something to be said for challenging yourself and surpassing your perceived limitations. The great thing about endurance exercises is that you get back what you put in. When you train, you learn your body can do things you never believed possible. You also learn to push past pain and exhaustion to a whole new level of power. When I completed my first marathon, I felt I was invincible. That feeling spills into other areas of life. You learn that hard work and dedication pay off. So, you continue to push against all of life’s limits, not just the physical or fitness barriers.
  5. Better Peace of Mind: Many psychologists believe exercise works at the same level or better than antidepressants, and the studies back this up. It must be all those endorphin surges! Exercise is also a great stress relief from the every-day emotional impacts of life.
  6. Better Sleep: Endurance exercises help with better sleep. Many find that a daily training and exercise schedule improves our ability to sleep and feel refreshed.
  7. More Energy: If you can train your body, and your mind, to motivate to exercise, getting through the day seems to be easier. Your body becomes efficient, and you get more done, in less time, with more energy.
  8. Fountain of Youth: Exercise increases production of HGH or Human Growth Hormone. HGH has been tied to many benefits, specifically anti-aging. All exercise increases HGH, but anaerobic exercise is especially helpful.
  9. Better Quality and Quantity of Life: No one can deny that regular exercise increases the quality and quantity of life. You enjoy better health, improved self image, clearer thinking, increased energy, mental toughness, better relationships, better sleep, stay younger longer, are happier, and enjoy amazing relationships. This translates into a better over-all existence on this planet.