Q: I've heard a lot about Kosama, is it all cardio, all weights, all kickboxing? What's the deal? 

A. Kosama is a variety of cardio, weight lifting with kettlebells, kickboxing, suspension training/TRX, and yoga. The best part of Kosama is that every single week is different, you do not replicate workouts during the week, and there is 8 different class times to chose from during the day. Yes, it's been said that Kosama is the hardest bootcamp style out there, BUT if you're reading this right now, you're up for the challenge and you'll surprise yourself at what you can accomplish.

Q: What are my membership options? 

A. We have a couple of trial options. If you know that Kosama is for you, you can join at a monthly rate also. The positive side to Kosama is that you will pay a typical gym rate, but receive free small group instruction and motivation WITHOUT having to pay an additional fee for a personal trainer.

Q: What do you mean by 'group fitness redefined'? 

A. There are many group fitness programs, but none like Kosama. The Kosama workout incorporates traditional functional fitness principles but by providing 30 different workouts each month, maximizes the benefit and reduces the repetitiveness of other group fitness programs.

Q: How does your program differ from CrossFit? 

A. While both CrossFit and Kosama are functional, group fitness programs, the Kosama workout was created by a health care practitioner and certified fitness instructor with the intent of maximizing your fitness results while reducing the likelihood of injury. The Kosama workout includes different levels of physical ability an athlete can chose from.