We see the results that our members experience on a daily basis. But when we hear it directly from their mouths, or see it in our 'before and after' photos--it means even more. 

"I never considered mysef over-weight. I didn't look in the mirror and think to myself, you're fat. I was comfortable in my skin, I didn't need a change and I most certainly didn't need help from anyone. And then I saw a picutre of myself at my sister's wedding. The person in that picture was not "me". It was someone who was clearly 20 pounds overweight and didn't even realize it. I needed to figure out what to do, and I needed to do it fast. I had tried other bootcamp/group fitness/personal training type resources before and nothing seemed to be the right fit for me. I needed something else, something different. I walked into Kosama in December of 2014 for the first time ever, and I am very proud to say that 3 months and 20 pounds later I am a happier and healthier me. Was it easy? No. Everyday I didn't want to go workout I asked myself was this going to be another day I let myself be overweight? Was this going to be another day that I go to bed upset because I didn't do anything to help myself? After I started staying consistent with my trips to Kosama, (while cutting out fried and processed foods) I can FINALLY wear my jeans that I was about to give to Goodwill! I would recommend Kosama to anyone. Old, young, out of shape, in shape- the program can work for anyone. My life has been positively changed in more ways than one because of Kosama, and I hope that someone else gets the opportunity to say the same thing."  -30, Jessica, West Des Moines

"I am not someone you would call a "gym freak." In fact, when I did go to the gym I eneded up leaving early because I didn't know what to do and felt really discouraged seeing all of the people that looked like they did. I tried for SEVERAL years to lose weight and I just couldn't figure it out. I tried Kosama for the first time in April of 2015, because I knew I needed something different. I needed to find somewhere I felt I belonged- somewhere I felt like the people there cared just as much about my health as I did. I was SO nervous when I went the first time because I felt like everyone else knew what they were doing and I didn't. I was so wrong! I LOVED IT! The coaches were so friendly and I never felt lost because they always made sure I knew what to do. We listened to music and motivated each other during class. Now that I am 20 pounds lighter and still continue to lose weight weekly, I feel the best I have ever felt! I no longer struggle to get through the workouts and that feeling alone is great. I would recommend Kosama to anybody, it's a great program that will help you gain confidence, lose weight, and develop friendships you'll have forever!" -24, Danielle, West Des Moines